What is Pain and Suffering?

At some point in your worker’s compensation claim, you are bound to hear the term “pain and suffering.” Unfortunately, this term is often misunderstood and often vilified in the minds of many. When people refer to “pain and suffering” what they really mean is “permanent partial disability” benefits– at least when it comes to worker’s compensation.

A permanent partial disability benefit is an attempt to place value on the change in the quality of life caused by an injury.

For example, if a work related injury causes chronic back pain which in turn limits an individual’s ability to do their job and ultimately leads to lost income and wages, that person is entitled to compensation. This compensation is known as a permanent partial disability benefit.

Workers Compensation Ohio Pain and SufferingPermanent partial benefits are nothing more then an attempt to bring a person back to the life they lived before the injury.

Do I Deserve Permanent Partial Benefits?
If your work related injury prevents you from enjoying the life you lived before the injury then yes, you deserve permanent partial benefits. And although it is impossible to put a price on a chronic injury such as a lost limb or a loss in mobility, you are at least entitled to the wages you would have earned if the injury had never happened.

If I Accept Permanent Partial Benefits, Does That Settle My Claim?
No! Permanent partial benefits are only one part of the claim and in cases of permanent partial disability, it will actualy help keep your claim open. If your condition worsens, we can help you go back and reevaluate your benefits to ensure that all associated medical costs, loss of wages and other factors are covered.

It’s only fair
If your injury prevents you from living the life you lived before the injury then you are entitled to compensation. It is important to recognize that permanent partial benefits are not greed. It is only an attempt to compensate you for your loss.

We can help

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