What is the FROI-1 and How Does it Affect My Ohio Workers’ Compensation Claim?


The FROI-1 notifies the Ohio BWC that a workplace injury has occurred and initiates a workers’ compensation claim.

The First Report of Injury or “FROI-1” is the fist step in filing an Ohio Workers’ Compensation claim. It notifies the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (Ohio BWC) that a workplace injury has occurred and starts the workers’ compensation claim process. Without one, there is no workers’ compensation claim. Unfortunately for many, this important first step is where the workers’ compensation claim process starts to break down. Failure to discuss the need for to submit a FROI-1 with the treating physician or complications which develop long after a seemingly minor injury has occurred can result in a FROI-1 form not being properly filed and without a FROI-1 form, an injured worker will not receive workers’ compensation benefits. FROI-1 vs. Incident Report It is easy to confuse an employer’s incident report with the FROI-1. These are two separate documents. An employer’s injury report is used for internal purposes. It documents that an injury has occurred and the response taken and is not submitted to the BWC. The FROI-1 is an official BWC form that must be filed in order to start a workers’ compensation claim. Both are important documents and should be completed as accurately as possible after an injury has occurred. Shortly after filing a FROI-1 form, you should receive an identification card from the Ohio BWC. If you don’t have an identification card, chances are you don’t have a valid workers’ comp claim. Where Do I Get a FROI-1? Many doctors will provide an FROI-1 form and file it for their patients. If your doctor’s office does not provide this service, you can obtain an FROI-1 form from your employer, online at www.ohiobwc.com or by calling 1-800-OHIOBWC and filing the report by phone. How do I complete a FROI-1: 1) Fully complete the injured worker section of the form providing as much detail as possible. Be sure to include:

    • time the incident occurred
    • a detailed description of exactly what happened
    • injuries caused by the accident
    • any treatment for injuries caused by accident including all body areas injured

2) Review and make sure all information is complete and accurate. Sign and date. 3) Give the FROI-1 to your physician and ask that they complete their portion of the form and submit. 4) If you received the form from your employer, do not assume your employer will file it for you. Ask for confirmation verifying submission if the employer files the form. 5) Accuracy is essential. Errors in the FROI-1 may be used against you in a workers’ compensation claim. The FROI-1 is a four-page form with detailed instructions. Although you will only complete the first page, be sure you receive and review the instructions in order to ensure that the entire form is properly completed. Don’t hesitate to file the FROI-1 Although the injury may seem minor at the time, don’t hesitate to file the FROI-1. If it turns out you the injury doesn’t require workers’ compensation then there is nothing lost. However, if a seemingly minor injury results in ongoing complications down the road, a failure to file the FROI-1 could result in a loss of benefits. You have up to two years after the injure occurs to file an FROI-1 but it is always best to do so as soon as possible. Important details can be lost or forgotten over time and treatment which may seem unrelated to the injury at the time may not be properly documented. The FROI-1 gets you into the system. Even if it turns out you don’t need workers’ compensation benefits, it’s better to have everything in place and not need them than to find out later that you do need workers’ comp and can’t receive benefits because a claim was never properly initiated. If you need help with your FROI-1 or any other Ohio Workers’ Compensation issues, contact us today at 330-535-5757 or by email Gardnerlaw@sbcglobal.net

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